What you should Always have in your Gym Bag

What you should Always have in your Gym Bag


We’ve all been there—you get to the gym ready to sweat only to find out that you’ve forgotten something that’s essential to your workout. To make it even easier to get to the gym, our Transformation Coaches at Get Fit Now Fitness Studio took a poll and put together an easy list of what you should always have stashed in your gym bag.  It’ll save you time during those rough early mornings when you only have a minute to pull it together.

  1. Water Bottle: Yeah, this may be a duh for some of you, but it’s one of the most important items you could—and should always—have. Having an empty, reusable water bottle that you can refill on the fly will make sure you’re always able to hydrate (and it’s a more ecofriendly option than the plastic bottles you can buy). We love our GETFITNOW fruit infused water bottles.  If you would like to purchase one that we can personalize for you, let us know!
  2. Face Wipes:  Give your face a good swipe before and after you sweat to help fight breakouts and make sure you’re not that girl with a full-face of smearing makeup during a run on the treadmill or a cardio class.
  3. Dry Shampoo and extra Hair ties:  No shower at your gym?  Rushing to get somewhere else?  No problem!  Easily make the transition from your workout to the day ahead with a few sprays of dry shampoo and a chic, messy bun!  And if you didn’t already have your hair tied up, its so much better to get your hair off your face when working out.
  4. BB cream or Tinted Moisturizer:  The perfect no makeup makeup that moisturizes your face post-workout and add some subtle coverage to help reduce redness and cover up any imperfections.
  5. Healthy Snacks:  Avoid the hunger pains and make sure you’ve fueled your body by prepping your bag with some healthy snacks that can be easily munched-on-the-go.  Our go to faves are the Quest bars…they have ample protein, and you can usually find them where ever protein bars are sold. (Trader Joe’s just started carrying them!) Other healthy options to pack are almonds, trail mix or a piece of fruit.
  6. Change of Clothes:  This will be appreciated when you are done with your intense or sweaty workout.
  7. Lip Balm/Lip Gloss: Dry lips during a workout never feel good and that’s why you should apply before and after your workout to keep your lips hydrated.
  8. Towel:  Sweat in your eyes is no fun! Slippery yoga-mat hands are also a bummer.  Always stash a towel in your bag at all times – microfiber is a great option because it absorbs really well and yet dries quickly.
  9. A plastic bag:  This is really an important one – how many times have you changed your clothes or have a sweat-filled towel and nothing to slip them into?  A plastic bag will keep these items from getting your bag and the contents in it from them!
  10. Baby Wipes and Deodorant: The secret dream team for freshening up on the go.  Wipe down any particularly sweaty areas and reapply deodorant to prevent having body odor!
  11. Pair of Socks:  Trying to workout without socks is never fun.  Stash a spare pair to prevent any mishaps; especially during the warmer months where you’re likely to be wearing flip flops or sandals.
  12. Headphones:  How many times have you gone to the gym and wished you remembered your headphones?  This is an extra oomph to add some motivation to your cardio/strength training sessions!

We think our Transformation Coaches covered everything, but if there’s something missing that you can add to this list, please comment and let us know what it is we’ve missed.

Here’s to an awesome workout! 🙂

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