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Testimonial Picture of Debbie (1)
Testimonial Picture of Debbie (2)

Team member, Debbie’s success story…She lost over 25 lbs! Not only does she radiate positivity, but she finds a way to balance it all. This story will truly inspire you…

Tell us about yourself!

I am a 52 year old working mother of 2. My weight yo-yo’d over the past 25 years and I tried many diets including Nutri-Systems, Weight Watchers and had some success with Jenny Craig.  As I got older I realized dieting and tennis 2-3 days a week just wasn’t enough.  Shortly after my youngest graduated from H.S. I stumbled upon a 1 month trial for Get Fit Now and decided to check it out.  After meeting Emily and Dustin and participating in the workouts, I decided I could do anything for 45 min. a day!  After the trial period was over, I was hooked on the workouts and slowly began to change my eating habits.

What was your biggest inspiration to make a change in your life?

Classic empty-nest syndrome, I suddenly had time to focus on myself...

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Testimonial Picture of Mother of 1 (1)
Testimonial Picture of Mother of 1 (2)

Tell us about yourself.
I am a 33 year old paralegal, mother of 1 human child and 3 furbabies. I enjoy reading, and knitting.

What made you decide to make a change in your life?
I was just generally unsatisfied with how I felt, how I looked and how I felt about how I looked. The real eye opener was when I discovered I almost outweighed my husband. I realized I needed to do something drastic since he is 5’7” and I am 4’11”

I saw where a friend had “liked” the 12 week challenge and thought to myself, “Well everything else you have tried hasn’t worked very well so why not try something completely different.”

What goals did you set for yourself in order to make a change?
I set small goals, eating as close to the meal plan as possible, making sure if I can’t get in the full 500 calorie cardio workout, then at least doing SOMETHING to get up and moving.

How did you keep yourself motivated to keep going?
My friends and family have been a huge motivator. They have all been very encouraging, reminding me that even if I don’t see a difference in the way I look, that there really is one...

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Mother of 1
Testimonial Picture of Single mother with LOTS of kids (2)

Tell us about yourself
Well, I am a 41 year old single mother with LOTS of kids. I work full time as a self employed global consultant in the areas of supply chain management, sales and marketing. While growing up, I was extremely active and was even Captain of the basketball team in high school (don’t laugh Dustin, I really had coordination back then). I had my first child at the age of 22, and I was able to rebound from having him and was back to my old self, a size 2. Yes, a size 2. I was young, so bouncing back was easier. However, I did not do this healthy and I gradually started to gain weight back. By the time I reached 30, I weighed 180 pounds. By 40, I was 247 pounds. Talk about scary!!! And this is the thing, whenever you use to be skinny and then gain a lot of weight, people always look at you funny or ask you what happened? It was embarrassing. I felt shameful that I let myself get to this point. And I couldn’t even explain how I got here, because you don’t realize it while it is happening. When your busy with kids, a job, a house and all kinds of life issues it’s almost like you wake up one morning, look in the mirror and say, “what happened?” I wasn’t paying attention to myself.

What was your biggest inspiration to make a change in your life?
Around December 2013, I remember developing a marketing plan for new business. And I remember one of my colleagues telling me that I was at a disadvantage because I was fat. That the companies were going to go with the beautiful, skinny consultants because they showed that they cared about themselves. I was heartbroken. I got really depressed. I started thinking about all of the health problems I was looking forward to. I watched my obese father die a very slow death due to weight issues...

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Single mother with LOTS of kids
Testimonial Picture of A dancer and an actress (2)

This gorgeous woman knows exactly how to stay on track, while still enjoying the sweeter things in life. You’re going to LOVE her story!

Tell us about yourself!
I’m a mid-20s transplant from Texas. I’m a dancer and an actress with a love for working with kids. I’m engaged to the love of my life and am mommy to 2 fur babies, Chloe and Cally. I’ve also gotten myself into 4 jobs, one at the Container Store in Buckhead, one at The Westminster Schools in Atlanta, one at Elite Dance Force in Newnan, and one at Alicats Dance & More in Flowery Branch.

What made you decide to make a change in your life?
I’ve been having issues with my weight since my senior year of college, with knee injuries and just an unhealthy diet. It was after I got engaged that I decided that I needed to take a step forward and become a healthy person again, but I didn’t know how until I saw the post on Facebook from Get Fit Now. Plus add in the two dance teaching jobs, and I realized I would need to be a good role model for my students.

What goals have you set for yourself?
My main goals are to get to a healthy weight for my height and keep with a healthy diet.

How has your experience with Get Fit Now been?
My experience with GFN has been amazing! Dustin and Emily have helped me figure out...

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A dancer and an actress
Abbaigale N.