Staying Hydrated for Busy Women: 50 Shades of Pee

Staying Hydrated for Busy Women: 50 Shades of Pee

Staying hydrated can feel like a full time job especially in the Summers of Georgia when the heat and humidity never let up.

On normal days the average person loses about 8 cups of water- and that doesn’t include the extra needed if you are exercising. If your water isn’t replaced, If water isn’t replaced, your heart has to work harder and other organ functions deteriorate as well. Symptoms of being dehydrated include headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, muscle cramping, nausea and vomiting. Dry mouth, chills and flushed skin are other clues.

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One way to check if you are in a state of dehydration is to pinch the skin on the top of your hand and pull it up a bit. If it doesn’t return quickly to its normal flat state, you could be dehydrated. However, I think a quick peek in the pot is a more reliable way to gauge hydration levels – is your urine pale and clear (good) or dark and murky (bad). I put together this “Fifty Shades of Pee” chart to help you decipher whether you are in danger of dehydration. Tape it next to the toilet paper roll – ha!

I constantly get emails from women asking me if I have any drinks for getting a gallon of water in each day. I love to infuse my water with delicious fruity combinations. They are perfect to keep you hydrated while giving you the feeling of being at a luxurious feeling of a day at the spa. Aside from coming across as beautiful, drinkable works of art, infused waters have a subtly sweet taste and a cleansing effect on your body that is equal parts refreshing and healthy. These infusions taste as amazing as they look!

♥ orange + lemon + lime

♥ lemon + raspberry + mint

♥ lemon + cucumber + mint

♥ blackberry + cherry + lime

To make any of these recipes, slice and wash the fruit and herbs — use as much or as little as you like — then drop into your water. Drink right away or allow to sit for a few hours for the flavors to infuse into the water! Try letting it sit overnight in the fridge.

As long as you keep your water refrigerated, the fruit should stay fresh. If you are filling your pitcher with water throughout the week, keep in mind the flavors will dilute each time you refill. Drink your water within 3 days, making a new batch once you notice the fruit has started to soften or turn your water cloudy.

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Which infused water recipe will you try? Fruit, lemon or lime & water… your body will love it!

P.S. Don’t forget to monitor your 50 Shades of Pee.

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