Sandy Springs Fitness Studio Shares Safety Tips for Exercising this Winter!

Sandy Springs Fitness Studio Shares Safety Tips for Exercising this Winter!

Safety Tips for Exercising this Winter!

Exercising year-round is a way of life for us at Get Fit Now and if you’re one of the many individuals that likes to exercise outdoors in cold weather, you’ll need to take certain precautions.

One of the main concerns with outdoor exercise in cold weather is hypothermia, which is defined as “excessive loss of body heat”. Wearing layers of clothing is a great idea in colder temperatures. It will keep you warm and give you a way to control your body temperature while exercising. Wearing a hat or helmet is also extremely important! We can lose about 50 percent of our body heat through our heads when the temperature is around freezing.



Other important articles of clothing are earmuffs, gloves and warm footwear – It can be difficult to keep our hands and feet warm while exercising in cold temperatures. The reason this happens is because when air temperatures are lower, it causes the body to move blood away from our extremities to the center of the body to keep our internal organs warm.

Although warming the surface of our hands will restore normal blood flow, this does not happen with our feet unless the temperature of our torso or “core” is normal or slightly higher than normal. So to keep your hands and feet warm, we must also keep the rest of our body warm.


Before you exercise outdoors, check the temperature and wind chill factor, and don’t forget to properly cover your skin! Now get outside, and get it done!

The Get Fit Now Team

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