Motivation Monday featuring Lauren Matheson

Motivation Monday featuring Lauren Matheson

We’re getting ready for a fabulous week and kicking it off with an amazing story from our very own Lauren Matheson.  Talk about motivation!  She even came to a workout session the day after she broke her finger!  Now that’s dedication!

We had the opportunity to ask Lauren some questions about working out at our studio and here’s her story on how she has transformed since starting our program!  We are so very proud of her….she truly is a rock star!

What made you decide to visit Get Fit Now Fitness Studio?

I was down on my luck and not feeling great about myself in the way I looked on the outside as well as how I felt on the inside. I came across an ad on Facebook to try a 28 week plan at Get Fit Now and so I put all my information in and Dustin called me the next day and I began to workout twice a week.


What exactly have your results been training at Get Fit Now Fitness Studio?

I started the second week of March and I am astounded at my results. I have lost 43 pounds, 37 inches and dropped 6 pants sizes.

What do you think has been different about Get Fit Now Fitness Studio vs. other programs you have tried?

Get Fit Now is different from any other place that I have tried before because they keep you accountable for how much you lose and what you’re putting into your body.  It’s not just a place to come and have a good hard work out, it’s a way of life. I can now say I look forward to working out with the trainers and other ladies. You get pushed to your limits but it’s well worth it in the end because you have lost more weight than you believed was possible.

Would you recommend Get Fit Now Fitness Studio to others, and if so, why?

I would definitely recommend Get Fit Now to anyone who wants to lose a few pounds or even just to get into shape. It’s the best decision I have ever made and would only hope others would make the same choice that I did.

So, there you have it!  Lauren is a truly inspiring lady and we are so happy to have her as part of our Get Fit Now family!

If you would like to find out more information on how YOU can transform your life with any of our programs, please give us a call at 404-782-8308!  We LOVE seeing our members achieve their goals and become more healthy, happy and enjoying their new lifestyle!

Have an awesome week,

<3 The GetFitNow Team

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