Monday Motivation – Set Goals and Dream Big!

Monday Motivation - Set Goals and Dream Big!

Here’s hoping you are having an amazing day!   I don’t know about you, but when I wake up I am so thankful that I get to live out my dreams!

Every day I get to witness so many ladies change and transform their lives through Get Fit Now Fitness Studio!



I truly believe that if you want to achieve success in life, you need to set goals for yourself. Goals are a great way to determine the direction of where you want to go.   I personally set goals for myself in both my fitness routine, and other areas of my life.  This helps me to envision my dreams in a big way and continually get better at everything I do!  It also helps with tracking my progress on a regular basis.
So, being that you are now on your very own health and fitness journey, I wanted to share some tips on how to set goals and live out YOUR dreams!

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Dream Big!  Dreams don’t have to be only when you’re asleep – anything is possible with hard work, determination and setting goals!  When you plan ahead, you will see that you are capable of amazing things!


Plan small daily goals for yourself.  When you set big goals for yourself, it can feel overwhelming and so it is important to set small goals that are attainable and make you feel like you achieved what you set out to do.  For example, if it’s 20 pounds you want to lose, think of losing 2-3 pounds a week until you get to your goal!  When you break down your big goals into smaller goals, and tackle them one by one, it feels much more manageable and you will feel like you are moving forward successfully!  Make sure you celebrate each milestone because that will keep you motivated along the way 🙂


Get and stay motivated!  It’s so very important to stay motivated and that’s where Get Fit Now Fitness Studio stands out amongst all the rest of the gyms!  Sure, you can work out anywhere, but do they keep you accountable and motivated?  We take extreme pride in each of our members because your goal becomes our goal!  Try to write down WHY you want to attain a certain goal, and visualize how you will feel once you reach it!  Motivation is something you need to work on, on a daily basis!  Keeping track of your progress should keep you motivated as well!


Take action!  Sure, you can write your goals down and even make a vision board, but without YOUR very own action to take responsibility with everything you do, it will be very hard to attain your goals!  Make sure you put 100% into whatever it is you are trying to achieve.  It it seems too hard to see yourself attaining the end result, break it down into smaller tasks and so something towards it EVERY day. I’m a big advocate on CONSISTENCY!  Doing something consistently over time will eventually lead you to reaching anything you set out to do!  It may not happen overnight but it WILL happen!  As long as you continue to take action!

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Have a great support system!  It’s so important to surround yourself with people who are like-minded and support you.  It’s very hard to do certain things on your own.  Ask for support from those in your life.  The more support you have when working towards your goals, the better!  It makes your goals so much easier to reach when you find someone who will hold you accountable!  Find a friend or family member (or one of our amazing Transformation coaches!) Having the right support system really makes a big difference to getting where you want to be in life!

Do you have trouble staying motivated to workout? Well then, a workout buddy would be ideal to keep you accountable and motivated! Having someone else to commit with will make you feel guilty if you were to cancel on your workout sessions. Check out our top reasons why it is ideal to have a Workout Buddy: click the link in our bio and check out our latest blog! #workout #wirkoutbuddies #fitfam #getfitnowpt #noexcuses #Justdoit #atlanta #atlantaspremierefitnessstudioforwomen

On a final note, just remember that sometimes there may be bumps along the way.  But just because you come across those bumps, or don’t reach your goal when you expected to, doesn’t mean you should give up!  When you realize that even successful people have failed more than once in their life, but they never gave up and kept going, you will be more apt to know that the important thing is to keep going and keep your eye on the prize.  ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

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Hope this helps you with dreaming big and realizing that you are so worth achieving them!

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Have an awesome week!
The GetFitNow Team


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