Monday Motivation – Featuring our very own Jolena Close!

Monday Motivation - Featuring our very own Jolena Close!


Happy Monday!  A new week!  A clean slate for eating clean and getting lean! 🙂

And with that comes our Monday motivation featuring one of our 28 Day Little Black Dress members, Jolena Close,  and her wonderful journey with us over the past 28 days!

We had the opportunity to ask Jolena a few questions about our program and this is what she had to say!


What made you decide to visit Get Fit Now?

I ran out of excuses! I’ve been looking for a fitness regimen (but didn’t know how to get started), a gym (but didn’t want to feel awkward being such a newbie), or personal trainer (but couldn’t find anything that fit my budget). So I was coming up with excuse after excuse which held me in the same spot for way too long. Then one Friday night I was scrolling through my News Feed and saw the Little Black Dress Challenge. I usually ignore Facebook ads, but the title caught my attention. There was a list of questions along the lines of, “Do you lack energy?”, “Want to tone up and build lean muscle?”, which I thought, yes, Yes, YES! I looked through the comments trying to find the price and to my surprise it fit my budget. But then I got a quick case of the “negative Nancy’s” and all the same old excuses started running through my head. One of which was that I would be moving soon and wouldn’t have time. But sure enough, just like I pushed myself to stop making excuses to sign up, here I am in Week 3, preparing to move this week, and I STILL made training this afternoon!


What exactly have your results been training t Get Fit Now?

I have more energy throughout the day, my whole aura is starting to feel lighter, I’m being conscious about what I put in my body and stepping away from my comfort zone of unhealthy foods, I’ve lost 6 lbs so far, and most importantly, I am loving myself enough to live a healthier lifestyle!


What do you think has been different about Get Fit Now vs. other programs you have tried?

The initial seminar is what really sealed the deal for me. I felt welcomed, reassured by Emily and Dustin’s professionalism and fervor that this was a credible program, and at the end, I felt like I knew this could help me. I wanted to live a healthy lifestyle, get nutrition guidance, get personal training, and have a mapped out plan that I could follow.  Get Fit Now provided ALL of these things and that’s how I knew it was the program I’ve been looking for. The workouts are challenging, but I never feel left behind, someone’s always there to push me a little further while I’m willing myself to do the same.


Would you recommend Get Fit Now and if so, why?

Get Fit Now has been everything I needed it to be and MORE and I DEFINITELY recommend it. The things I’ve learned during this program will have a lasting impact and that’s just what I needed!


And there you have it!  Another awesome success story and happy member!  We are so very proud of your dedication and commitment to take this step in the right direction for your new healthy, active lifestyle!  Way to go, Jolena! 🙂
On a final note, we had a prize for the best transformation after the 28  day program, and although Jolena didn’t win the $250 prize, this is what she had to say – “This may sound cheesy, but I feel like I’m winning something greater than that prize;  I’ve won my mental transformation to think healthier.  Changing my mindset is a HUGE feat, soooooo I WIN!”   🙂

We LOVE hearing from our members and changing their mindset, with the proper tools and guidance, ANTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Here are a few more of our 28 Day Little Black Dress Challenge Members and their awesome results.  Congratulations to ALL!  We are so very proud of each of you and you all are what makes our jobs soooooo rewarding! 🙂








And our 28 Day Little Black Dress Challenge winner for the month of September went to Linda Rathke!  A big congrats to You, Linda!  You can read her testimonial from our Motivational Monday blog from last week right here ==>  She had dropped an additional 2 pounds since this story was published and is continuing her  journey with us to reach her goals.  🙂



We want to give a shout out to everyone. that just finished up our September 28-Day Little Black Dress Project!

You all worked so hard and we’re so proud of your transformations! 🙂

See what type of results you can expect when you join our 28 day challenge. Next challenge starts in just a few weeks, reserve your spot by clicking the link below! OR feel free to call our office at (404) 782-8309 if you have any questions about the next challenge or to reserve your spot!

This is just the beginning!
xoxo The Get Fit Now Team

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