Monday Motivation – Featuring Meghan Bayersdorfer

Monday Motivation - Featuring Meghan Bayersdorfer

It’s Monday morning and you know what that means?  Another fabulous transformation story to motivate you to set your goals and crush them!

We had the pleasure to interview our very own awesome Get Fit Now member, Meghan Bayersdorfer, and would love to share her motivational story with you!

What made you decide to visit Get Fit Now Fitness Studio?

I decided to join Get Fit Now because I was in a workout rut.  I was ready to jumpstart my workout routine and thought this might be the perfect solution.  I was right! Within my first two weeks I dropped almost 10 pounds !  I had never really had a weight training routine as I did mostly cardio, and this was the perfect way to get started.

What exactly have your results been training at Get Fit Now Fitness Studio?

In my first two weeks at Get Fit Now, like I said I had dropped almost 10 pounds and several inches.  Overall, I am down 11 1/2 pounds and 14 inches! As a new mom, I needed something that was going to kick-start my metabolism and get me back to my pre-baby weight, and this program did just that!

What do you think has been different about Get Fit Now vs. other programs you have tried?

Get Fit Now is different than other programs in that the trainers are genuinely invested in your results.  They hold you accountable with weekly weigh-ins and measurements and call you out if you miss too many classes 🙂

Would you recommend Get Fit Now Fitness Studio and why?

I would highly recommend Get Fit Now.  This is results driven and results are inevitable.  This program truly works.

So, there you have it!  Another member that we are so very proud to have on our team!  Meghan truly comes in with determination and always with a smile on her face!  She crushes every workout she does and the proof is in the results!  Great job, Meghan…you are a Rockstar!


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If you are looking for  a little more motivation, here are 20 reasons to exercise and crush your own goals:

  1. Builds self-esteem
  2. Improves learning ability
  3. lifts your mood
  4. Boosts mental health
  5. Reduces stress
  6. Sharpens memory
  7. Improves muscle strength
  8. Improves eating habits
  9. Boosts immune system
  10. Will help you run from a zombie (we wanted to see if you were reading these!) 😉
  11. Lowers risk of high blood pressure
  12. Fights dementia
  13. Lowers risk of diabetes
  14. Improves balance
  15. Lessens fatigue
  16. Alleviates anxiety
  17. Strengthens your bones
  18. Strengthens your heart
  19. Will help you survive the next Hunger games!


We here at Get Fit Now Fitness Studio is wishing you a fabulous week ahead.  Stay focused. Stay motivated and you WILL see results.


Committed to you fitness,

The GetFitNow Team




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