Member Motivation from Sandy Springs #1 Fitness Studio

Member Motivation from Sandy Springs #1 Fitness Studio

Today we would like to introduce you to our most recent “28 Day Little Black Dress Challenge winner”…


Holly Yates Stewart!



She has made us all so proud of her accomplishments at Get Fit Now Fitness Studio, located in Sandy Springs, Ga.

She followed the 28 Day Little Black Dress Challenge and had amazing results!  She lost 13 pounds and 21 inches, and said “good-bye” to 3 % body fat! 🙂

One of the key factors on this plan is all about meal prepping and accountability!  Our member will post pictures of their meals and we happen to just love this one from Holly!    Click here for more meal prepping tips>>>>


“After a good workout, I’m ready to throw these on the barbie! Wish me luck- I go out of town this week. Gonna try clean eating in the wild 😜– One of Holly’s posts in our private facebook group.


We had the opportunity to ask Holly about her experience in our 28 Day Little Black Dress Challenge and this is what she had to say!


What made you decide to visit Get Fit Now Fitness Studio?


I decided to try the LBD program by GFN after seeing a sponsored post on Facebook. For months prior, I knew I needed to find a way to get control back over my body, but I didn’t know how or where to start. Being a former collegiate athlete, I was embarrassed I had gotten into this position and I wasn’t sure I had the self discipline needed to actually make a sustainable change (versus another diet that would only end in weight yo-yoing and failure at the end of the day). The idea of the program being affordable, 28 days and designed for busy women gave me the vote of confidence to step out of my safety zone. What could really happen in 28 days right?


What exactly have your results been training at Get Fit Now?

My results have been amazing! I’ve lost weight, inches, and body fat. And that’s something to celebrate– I mean 13 pounds and 21 inches in a mere 28 days is pretty amazing. But in all honesty, it’s more than that. I really had been hiding behind a cloak of excuses and getting comfortable feeling really bad about myself. No woman desires the shame I was putting on myself!!! Get Fit Now has started to break away at this low self worth and show me that getting back into my closet full of clothes is possible. I’m happier, more energized, and feeling more and more at peace in my body. They gave me the encouraging nudge and shown me that I’m pretty awesome and nothing is impossible as long as I want it enough. Who would have thought I would have been able to get all that AND weight loss in 28 days?!


What do you think has been different about Get Fit Now vs. other programs you have tried?

Get Fit Now really cares about my health and helping me reach my goal. Man, their workouts are killer and they are always following behind me keeping me going. But they have sparked something in me that makes me want to keep going and want it for myself. Other gyms I’ve tried have either been too slack or too pushy. They are the perfect balance. I also think they really understand busy woman and what we need to keep on track and keep going. It’s a really realistic approach and it happens in and out of the gym. They give you everything all the way down to shopping lists or sending a mid-week message just to check in.


Would you recommend Get Fit Now and if yes, why?

Oh my gosh, that’s an easy question. YES!!!! Of course I would recommend Get Fit Now to others. Actually I already have. It’s such a great place for anyone despite where they are in their journey. Going to a gym can be overwhelming and their accepting nature makes you feel as though you’re among friends from the very beginning… and within no time you start to see and feel the results too. Their full approach to PT coaching is very unique, and I would send anyone there to check it out for themselves.


So, how’s Holly for some motivation? 🙂    She is committed  to staying on her journey with Get Fit Now and we couldn’t be more proud to have Holly on our Get Fit Now, Sandy Springs, GA team!


Are you ready to get committed to a better, healthier, more active life style?  We can help!  Ask us about the many programs we offer, from the comfort of your own home to up to 4 days a week at our Sandy Springs fitness studio!

Make sure you are a part of our Holiday Survival Series….You WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!!! 🙂


Here’s to a GRRRRREAT week!

Emily, Dustin and the Get Fit Now Team

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