Meal Prep: Snack Attack Edition

Meal Prep: Snack Attack Edition

Dustin and I are all about making a healthy lifestyle fast and easy. So I wanted to share with you one of our meal prep secrets….THE SNACK BASKET !?!

I know what your thinking… snack baskets are for kids! But you need to be consuming 2 small snacks a day and having a snack basket in your pantry with pre-portioned snacks makes it so much easier to get out of the door in the morning.

Without a snack basket you open up the cupboard, stare at the insides for many minutes, and due to lack of options, grab a big ‘ol sack of potato chips or cookies, only to realize that before you know it, the bag is half empty, or even worse, gone.

This takes snacking from healthy to deadly in a matter of seconds.  So we put together a healthy snack basket with lots of pre-portioned goodies : )

Now there are 2 ways you can go about adding snacks to your basket. You can buy snacks that are already pre-portioned out like dark coco dusted almonds from Target. Or you can purchased snacks from larger packaging then when you return home, grab snack sized baggies and your food scale and start filling them with the contents of the big bags/boxes.  

Once they were all packaged up, toss them into a big  basket, below is the basket we picked up from Target:

So your basket would look something like this:
Totally a snacker’s paradise!  It takes around 15 seconds to put together, and the payoff is HUGE!
Below are some put labels you can print out for your new basket : )
And here it is all printed out, matted and laminated:

Then, you can just use a Velcro square to attach it to the front of your basket:
Like so:
And then put your basket in the pantry : )

Do you have any other cool meal prep ideas?  You can also use this same concept and make a snack basket for cold items in your fridge.
Your Trainers,
Emily & Dustin

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