Jaclyn’s Transformation ~ Monday Motivation

Jaclyn's Transformation ~ Monday Motivation
Happy Monday!

Today, we wanted to share Jaclyn’s transformation story with you. Jaclyn graduated from the University of Maryland in May and then moved back to the Sandy Springs area. Her results in the past 10 days have been amazing!

Tell us about yourself!

I came to Get Fit Now a few years ago and loved the results. I just graduated from college at the University of Maryland and am spending the time getting into shape and working on my health while applying for jobs in the media industry.

What made you decide to make a change in your life and join Get Fit Now?
After four years of college, meaning dining hall meals, snacks, late night food, social outings etc, I’ve packed on the pounds. Get Fit Now’s structure is one of the few things that has worked for me. It’s structured, and they help with what to eat.
What goals did you set for yourself in order to make a change?
It took a while, and a lot of procrastinating. I came back from traveling, which had kept me active, and I was just ready to get healthy.
How did you keep yourself motivated to keep going?
It’s not only a personal commitment, but a financial commitment, and I’m still pretty new at being back in the gym, but seeing results has been satisfying.
How has joining Get Fit Now contributed to your success?
Emily, Dustin and the Get Fit Now Team help me stay motivated and accountable for my actions. They help answer all my dietary questions as I move into this new lifestyle, and help me find alternatives for foods I do not eat. They show me how to do the exercises properly and push me to new weights.
What would you tell someone that’s thinking about joining Get Fit Now?
It’s hard. The workouts are difficult, and the change in diet can be brutal, but it gets easier, and the results come! I would definitely recommend it.
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