How to Overcome a Plateau!

How to Overcome a Plateau!

What is a Plateau?


If you have never struggled with overcoming a plateau, consider yourself lucky. A plateau is when the body becomes accustomed to the stresses we place upon it through training or caloric consumption. Although this can be discouraging, you shouldn’t give up and you should work to find a way to overcome it.


What to do about it?


In order to overcome a plateau, something in your plan must be changed. Don’t change everything around. Start by changing one or two little things. You don’t want to change everything because then you won’t be able to figure out what caused it.


Diet Tips

You want to make sure you are eating enough calories to have enough energy to exercise.  A lot of people go all out on extremely low calorie diets. Although it may seem effective at first, you are actually losing muscle with the weight that you lose. When you stop the extremely low calorie diet you will gain back more fat. This is what is called yo yo dieting.

Diet is important because it needs to be adjusted, as you get closer to your goal.  You can use an equation to calculate your basal metabolic rate to calculate the calorie consumption needed to fuel you for exercise. Keep in mind that everyone has different factors that play into body type and weight loss so weight loss may be slower for some people. That’s where an awesome high intensity workout can come into play to help you burn body fat faster.

There is a lot of information out there about nutrition and fad diets so that can leave people confused and lost. Talk to a fitness professional if you feel lost with where to start with your diet. Make sure you are eating enough healthy fats because that helps with stress levels and makes you feel fuller longer. Eat protein at every meal and snack because it will help you hang on to more muscle while you lose fat.  Vitamin D and Calcium play a role in the diet as well so make sure those levels are where they need to be. Include foods rich in fiber and makes sure to eat a snack of some protein or carbohydrate before and after you workout.



So you had an awesome workout today. What did you do after? If your answer is sitting on the couch for hours then that’s where you are going wrong. You want to make sure you are living an active life along with your organized workouts. Make sure you get enough rest.  Not enough rest leads to stress, which messes with the way your body works and can cause you to store fat. Stress itself can cause you to not see any results.  When stress levels are high the hormone cortisol is released into the body. Consistently high levels of cortisol can lead to fat gain particularly in the belly area. So make sure you are getting enough rest and incorporate exercise into your routine in order to reduce stress levels.


If you want to overcome a plateau you have to change something up. A lot of factors play into overcoming a plateau. If you need help with a muscle building and fat loss plan, then email and schedule an appointment with us and we will share with you all of the ways that we can help you do that.

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