How To Lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks!

How To Lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks!


Are you ready for some Monday motivation? I am so proud to share Monica’s story with you today because I think you are going to find it very inspirational. It is amazing what she has been able to accomplish in just 2 short weeks and this is just the beginning. We feel so blessed that we get to be apart of her fitness journey and can’t wait to see her continue to crush her fitness goals.


Tell us about yourself.

I’m one lucky lady! I have a wonderful supportive husband, a job that I “like”, and two very active boys, ages 6 &8.


What made you decide to make a change in your life and join Get Fit Now?

I made the decision to join Get Fit Now because I was tired of not being comfortable in my own skin. I lacked the energy to play with my kids, avoided going out with my husband and friends and was downright embarrassed to be seen in public.


What goals did you set for yourself in order to make a change?

Obviously I want to lose weight but in all honesty I just want to live a happy, healthy life. I want to have the energy to keep up with my boys; I don’t want to live in fear of running into someone I know at the grocery store; I want to feel confident in my own skin. I just want to feel like me again!


How did you keep yourself motivated to keep going?

I’m taking it day by day- focusing on today & making the best decisions to help me achieve my goals. Seeing the weight on the scale going down & seeing an increase in my energy level are also great motivators.


How has joining Get Fit Now contributed to your success?

I have tried it all- & I mean ALL. I have taken every pill (prescription & over the counter), joined various weight loss programs, and joined more gyms than I care to admit- you name & I’ve done it. Everything else was either focused on diet or physical activity. Get Fit Now focuses on both pieces and as a bonus provides an awesome supportive environment.


What would you tell someone that’s thinking about joining Get Fit Now?

Do it! There is no better investment than one that you make in yourself. My only regret is not finding Get Fit Now sooner.


We’re so proud of Monica and the transformation she has made in just two short weeks. This is just the beginning! Start your own transformation with Get Fit Now. Click here to find out more about our program and to book your first training session. 

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