How to Do a Great Pumpkin Workout!

How to Do a Great Pumpkin Workout!

With Halloween approaching, We thought it would be appropriate to get in the spirit of the season and have a fun workout with only one piece of equipment – a pumpkin!

The following exercises are a great way to tone your abs, legs and arms, while using the mighty ole’ pumpkin, in the comfort of your own home!

Here’s Emily showing you a set of exercises that you can do!  Ready, Set, Go!


The Double Push-up



The Double Push-up is traditionally done with a medicine ball, but we are challenging you to do your push-ups with a pumpkin! (Tis the season!)

Start in a plank position with your hands on top of the pumpkin and your feet wider than hip distance.

While keeping your torso stable, bend your elbows to lower your chest toward your hands.  Keep your upper arms parallel to your torso.

Straighten your elbows and return to starting position to complete your first rep.

Do 10 reps in a set.  Try to do 3 sets!


The Goblet Squatgobletsquat1


This squat goes deep and will target your hips and thighs.  The added weight of the pumpkin is an extra challenge that will help you feel the burn!

You will start out by standing with your feet wider than shoulder width.

With your back slightly arched, push you hips back, bend your knees, and lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor, and your elbows touch your knees with the pumpkin in front of you.

With your weight focused in your heels, push yourself up to the starting position and lift the pumpkin above your head.

Do 15 reps in a set.  Aim for 2 sets!

The Side Lunge


 This exercise works the inner thighs, as well as the muscle on the side of your pelvis.  Usually done with a kettlebell or dumbbell, here we are using a pumpkin!

While holding your pumpkin in both hands, stand with your knees and feet together.

Take a large step with your left foot to the left side, and lunge toward the floor, while lowering the pumpkin to the ground in front of you. (make sure you keep your right leg as straight as possible, and that your left knee does not extend past your toes).

Push off through your left foot to return to the starting position to complete one side lunge.

Repeat above using your right side.

Do 10 reps on each side.  Do 2 sets


The Twisting Lunge



This exercise works your arms and legs to tone together at the same time!

Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart.

 while your arms are outstretched in front of you, grasp your pumpkin between both hands.

Keep your weight on your heels and your core stable.  Take a step back with your right foot, placing it behind you and then lowering your body until both legs are bent in right angles.

As you lunge, twist your torso to the left and over your left leg.

Bring your torso back to the center and exhale as you extend your legs.  Bring your feet back together.

Repeat with your left leg, twisting to the right.

This counts as one rep.  Do 15 reps. Aim for 2 sets!


The Overhead Tricep Extension



This exercise targets the back of your arms (as we like to call “bat wings”!)

Start by standing with your feet hip distance apart.

Place one foot slightly behind the other, while holding your pumpkin with both hands.  Raise your arms  over your head with elbows slightly bent.

Straighten your arms to lift pumpkin into the air, and then slowly bend the arms behind your head to lower.

Do 10 reps.  Aim for 3 sets!

Sit Up



This classic exercise targets your abs and challenges you even more with the weight of the pumpkin!

Start by firmly planting your feet on the ground and your pumpkin behind your head while lying down.

Make sure you keep your heels and toes flat on the ground.

While engaging your abdominal muscles, gently lift your head first, followed by your shoulder blades, and then your arms, coming into a full sit-up position.

Hold this position for a second, and slowly go back to lying on your back with controlled movement.

This completes one full sit-up.

Do 25 sit ups!

Russian Twist



This exercise targets your obliques, and the pumpkin will certainly challenge you!

While holding your pumpkin in both hands, sit on the ground with your knees bent and your heels about a foot in front of your butt.

Lean slightly back without rounding your spine as it is very important to keep your back as straight as possible.

Pull your navel to your spine, and twist slowly to the left side, bringing the pumpkin to the left side as well.  Make sure your body is twisting, as this movement comes from the ribs rotating, not from your arms swinging!

Inhale through center, and rotate to the right.

This completes one full rep.

Do 15 reps!





This is a really great exercise to work your arms, middle and lower body at the same time!

Start by standing with your feet about 20 inches apart.  Point your toes out slightly.

Bend your knees and elbows at the same time, while keeping your shoulders over your hips and lower yourself down so that you weight is in your heels.

Pick up the pumpkin in both hands with your arms straight.  Then stand and straighten your legs, while lifting the pumpkin.

This is one rep.

Do 15 reps. Try to do 2 sets!

Elevated Leg Pumpkin Crush  


Last, but not least, we would like to challenge you to this slow and controlled exercise that kicks your abs into high gear and increases the burn!

You will keep your abs engaged the entire time, with the added weight of your pumpkin.

Start by lying on your back with your legs in the air, and your toes pointing toward the ceiling.

Hole your pumpkin over your chest with straight arms.

While engaging your abs, press your lower back into the mat while lifting your head, neck and upper back off the mat.

While exhaling, lift your upper body an inch higher off the mat.  Try to get your pumpkin to reach toward your ankles as you perform this sit-up.

While inhaling, lower your upper back an inch toward the floor.  Do this slowly for a total of 20 reps.

We challenge you to do 2 sets!

So, there you have it!  Isn’t this much better than lifting bags of Halloween candy?!

Let us know how you like this treat!  The only trick is making sure you do it!!! 🙂

You will also have the fittest pumpkin in the neighborhood!

Here’s to a boo-ti-ful workout!


Emily, Dustin and the GetFitNow Team

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