How I lost over 25 pounds…

How I lost over 25 pounds...

It’s Motivation Monday and we’re gearing up for the start of our 12 Week Female Transformation Program…

We’re kicking off the week with team member, Debbie’s success story…She lost over 25 lbs! Not only does she radiate positivity, but she finds a way to balance it all. This story will truly inspire you…

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Tell us about yourself!

I am a 52 year old working mother of 2. My weight yo-yo’d over the past 25 years and I tried many diets including Nutri-Systems, Weight Watchers and had some success with Jenny Craig.  As I got older I realized dieting and tennis 2-3 days a week just wasn’t enough.  Shortly after my youngest graduated from H.S. I stumbled upon a 1 month trial for Get Fit Now and decided to check it out.  After meeting Emily and Dustin and participating in the workouts, I decided I could do anything for 45 min. a day!  After the trial period was over, I was hooked on the workouts and slowly began to change my eating habits.

What was your biggest inspiration to make a change in your life?

Classic empty-nest syndrome, I suddenly had time to focus on myself, I had no excuses for getting to the gym, and my grocery shopping was just for me and my husband.  He has been eating the same meals as me which has inspired both of us to eat healthier. We decided it was less expensive to get healthy now rather than pay for exorbitant health care later on.

What goals did you set for yourself?

My long term goal was to lose 25 lbs. and tone my upper body (get rid of the bat wings and middle age spread.)  Weekly my goals were to strength train 4 days a week, add cardio exercise 4-5 days per week and stick to the meal plan.  For the first few months I cut out all carbs and alcohol. I saw results almost immediately.

How has joining the Get Fit Now Team contributed to your success?

Get Fit Now has provided me with the tools and encouragement to stick with the program.  Every week I looked forward to my weigh-ins and measurement checks because there was ALWAYS some type of progress.  Emily and Dustin were always available to answer my questions and offer options when either the exercises or meal prep became challenging. Get Fit Now has truly changed my life.


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