Have You Tried HIIT? – Sandy Springs Gym Thinks You Should!

Have You Tried HIIT? - Sandy Springs Gym Thinks You Should!


High Intensity Interval Training (aka HIIT) alternates between high intensity exercise and short periods of rest, then repeats the sequence or circuit.

High intensity, short duration programs have been found to match or surpass results of moderate intensity, long duration workouts.

If you’ve been having a hard time squeezing exercise into your daily regimen, you may be the perfect candidate for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). In fact, anyone can benefit from practicing HIIT training because it can be done in the privacy of your own home with little to no equipment. It’s not only convenient and effective, but it can also help boost your metabolism and get you burning more calories during and post-workout.

HIIT workouts have been shown to burn more calories than traditional workouts, especially after the workout. The post-exercise period is called “EPOC”, which stands for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. This is about a 2-hour period after exercise when  the body is using more energy to restore itself to pre-exercise levels.

The workout is known to wear your down fast, which is why a little goes a long way.

Initially it may sound intimidating, but there’s no reason to fear this workout. You’ll improve your strength, endurance, and even shed some pounds.  HIIT training is high metabolic training where we’re trying to push the body to 100 percent of it’s maximal potential.

If this sounds like the workout for you (just remember it’s all about giving it 100 percent each time!), then read on — The Get Fit Now Team has broken down how HIIT training works and its benefits:



  • Burn more calories
  • Metabolism stays high AFTER workout (EPOC)
  • Fat burning increases during and post workout
  • Complete an effective workout in less time
  • Increases power
  • Increases speed
  • Increases endurance

Everyone can do it.

The beauty of HIIT training is that anyone can do it safely. HIIT training can be done even for 80-year-olds. They’re not going to go as fast as I am, but their 100 percent is going to look completely different than mine or yours. The key is to listen to your breath during the workout because it is a clear indicator of the performance, If you’re pushing yourself and you’re out of breath, then you know that you’re reaching higher training percentages than normal.

It can go on as long as you want.

The best part about HIIT training is that you can squeeze it in at any time of the day. Your session can last as long as 50 minutes, or as short as 10 to 20 minutes. “If I’m pressed for time and only have 20 minutes, I’m going to go hard. If I know my max push ups is 20, then I’ll set a goal of 25,” explains Melissa, our personal trainer at our Sandy Springs studio. In fact,  HIIT training is all a mental game and your only competition is yourself.


Using your body weight is important.

A lot of people seek out sources in regards to training in general, when they have not yet mastered their own body as a tool.   Simply by doing a routine with your own body weight, such as performing squats, jumping jacks, push-ups, high knees, burpees, and mountain climbers is enough to create a hard 5-minute workout.

Create a HIIT plan — and a good playlist.

HIIT training will work in your favor if you create a blueprint that has all the exercises you plan on doing in a block of time. Therefore, if you’ve jotted down that you will do 20 burpees in a minute, stay committed and complete ALL of them. Speed is also important and is what will get you to the high training zone you’re working towards using 100 percent effort. Music can get you into that mental state of mind that keeps you focused. It doesn’t matter if it’s rap, rock, opera, or classical. It’s whatever moves you. 🙂


Here is a sample of a HIIT workout that Get Fit Now Fitness Studio has put together….why not give it a try?!


We would love to hear from you and let us know if you have tried a HIIT workout, and if so, what did you think?  We LOVE your feedback!

Here’s to your Health!
Emily, Dustin, and the Get Fit Now Team



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