Fitness Fanatics Halloween Costumes!

Fitness Fanatics Halloween Costumes!

We’re excited because Halloween is only three weeks away! eeek 🙂  So we wanted to share with you some fun Fitness Fanatic themed costumes 🙂

Let’s Get Physical

When dressing up like an ’80s aerobics instructor, it’s all about the layers. The shinier, brighter, and tighter, the better — think lamé, spandex, and fuchsia. Pair a leotard over color-contrasting leggings and legwarmers. Boom box and roll-on lip gloss are optional.



Spend a little time searching a secondhand clothing shop and your garage. Before you know it, you’ll soon have the makings of a cyclist costume.



15 Minutes of Fame

Buy supplies at your local arts and crafts store, and make yourself into a health magazine cover or Wheaties box. If you’re short on time, go the easy route and buy the costume ($60).


What a Feeling

Get Jennifer Beals’s iconic Flashdance look by wearing a black leotard and legwarmers, nude leggings, and red pointy heels. Cut up an oversize gray sweatshirt, and drape it over one shoulder. Don’t forget the permed hair and big hoop earrings.


Horse Jockey

Dress the part of a horse jockey by tucking white pants into knee-high boots and wearing a colorful long-sleeved jersey. Add a riding crop and cap to finish off the look. For a fun couples costume, have your guy dress up as a horse.


Score a Knockout

There are a lot of variations you can choose when going as a boxer: silky shorts or pants, taped-up hands or boxing gloves, and a robe or tank top. One thing’s certain: adding a black eye makes the costume a real hit.


Hit the Slopes

A great group costume is the cast of the ’80s ski flick Better Off Dead. It should be easy to find the puffy, pastel look that Monique and Beth sport in the film at a thrift store or on eBay. It’s a smart costume if you live somewhere cold.

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