In addition to strength training sessions at Get Fit Now Fitness Studio in Sandy Springs, GA , we highly recommend that you get your cardio workouts in as well. A combination of both cardio and strength training will get you in the best physical condition, and aerobic capacity is a very important aspect of fitness. Today […]

The 28 Day Little Black Dress Challenge…   In case you do not know what the 28 Day Little Black Dress Challenge is, it is a step-by-step 28-day transformation program for women that Get Fit Now Fitness Studio created.  We realize that women rarely make the time to put themselves first.  They are always performing amazing balancing acts […]

We know better than anybody how hard it is to start a workout program!  We witness it everyday! Finding the time to exercise!  Creating a routine that you can stick to! Setting goals! And then when you are finally in that mind set …and hitting the gym…DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) will likely set in […]

Can You Believe This?

Can You Believe This?

Good morning ladies! We hope your day is going great. If you’re looking for some motivation this week, you’re in the right place. Today we want to share with you another success story from one of our members,  Tanya Dickson! We had the opportunity to ask her some questions on her experience with Get Fit […]

With Halloween approaching, We thought it would be appropriate to get in the spirit of the season and have a fun workout with only one piece of equipment – a pumpkin! The following exercises are a great way to tone your abs, legs and arms, while using the mighty ole’ pumpkin, in the comfort of […]