Can You Believe the Results At This Gym In Sandy Springs?

Can You Believe the Results At This Gym In Sandy Springs?

The 28 Day Little Black Dress Challenge…


In case you do not know what the 28 Day Little Black Dress Challenge is, it is a step-by-step 28-day transformation program for women that Get Fit Now Fitness Studio created.  We realize that women rarely make the time to put themselves first.  They are always performing amazing balancing acts between work, family, and trying to have some semblance of a social life.  We know our women are amazing!  But sometimes it takes a little sweat, support, and A LOT of fun to make them feel that way!

So this is how the 28 Day Little Black Dress Challenge was born!  This challenge includes a clean meal plan, fat-burning and body sculpting workouts, and daily inspiration to help women feel FABULOUS, look AMAZING, and have the CONFIDENCE to ROCK that little black dress.  We made it so that it is easy to follow so it fits right into a woman’s busy lifestyle.

Along with this challenge, we run a contest to the ladies that join!  Whoever has the best transformation in the 28 days wins $250!  This transformation includes  the “before” and “after” photos we take , along with percentage of body fat lost, percentage of body weight lost and total inches!
We are so proud of our past 2 winners that we wanted to feature both of them today to motivate you that when you’re consistent with your diet and exercise, along with our accountability, you WILL see results!

For the our first  28 day challenge our winner was Summer Roberts!  She dropped 7.7 pounds, 11.7 inches and 1.9% body fat!



Here’s what Summer had to say about the challenge:
Get Fit Now Fitness Studio was a great experience. I had increased energy and stamina. I sleep and feel so much better!


Our winner for the month of September was Linda Rathke.  She lost a total of 17 pounds, over 20 inches and and 2.7% body fat!

Read her story here:

We are so proud of all the beautiful ladies that have partaken in this challenge and love to see the transformations!

We look forward to presenting our winner of our October challenge to you very, very soon! 🙂

Committed to your fitness,
Emily, Dustin and the Get Fit Now Team

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