Bento Box Ideas for Healthy Meal Prepping

Bento Box Ideas for Healthy Meal Prepping

The latest trend in healthy meal prep isn’t necessarily about the food (although that is very important!) but rather than the box it’s stored in – the Bento Box!

This compact food container, which originated in Japan, features anywhere from two to five compartments, each meant for a different meal element.  Moms have been using this concept when packing their kids nutrient-packed lunches, and now these compartmentalized boxes are winning over adults who would like to eat more balanced, portion-controlled meals on the go, without having to use so many little Tupperware containers to pack each item in.

The bento boxes have been popping up in many stores, and why not invest in one, so you, too can pack healthy lunches and on-the-go healthy snack combos!

Looking to get on the trend?  Well, we here at Get Fit Now Fitness Studio would like to share some of the most delicious-looking bento boxes with you to help fuel your lunchtime inspiration!

Protein and Produce Bento Box

This bento box features turkey, raw nuts, cucumber slices, grapes, celery and almond butter for dunking.  We’re big fans of almond butter because it contains a compound that limits the amount of fat the body can absorb, and we love the flavor as well!  If you haven’t yet tried almond butter, next time when you’re grocery shopping, why not pick up a jar instead of your typical peanut butter to shake up your daily diet!



Eggs, Fruit and Beets Bento Box

A salad packed with veggies fill the main compartment of this box, while yogurt with raspberries, almonds, and orange segments filled with vitamin C fill up the smaller spaces.  We love including mint and lemon to our water, making it a detox water!  Lemon peels contain an enzyme that gives sluggish bowels a kick, and it helps with belly bloat as well!



Veggie Roll-ups, Cheese, Olives and Fruit Bento Box

This is a great option for a healthy vegetarian lunch.  Just add your fave veggies to a whole wheat wrap, and accompany it with sides of belly-filling cashews and fruit.  Cashews are rich in biotin, which strengthens nails and hair!  Together, this combo is a great flavorful midday pick-me-up that’s sure to please your taste buds!


So, there you have it!  Some healthy ideas to get you started on your way to making your very own Bento box lunches!  We would love to hear from you with your Bento box ideas.  Please feel free to comment us and let us know what you think about this latest trend!

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