Back to School Time!

Back to School Time!

A new school year is upon us and GetFitNowPT is happy to report that our Back to School Workout charity event this weekend was a HUGE success! We collected over 200 school items for local children and will continue to accept school supplies until this Wednesday! Thank you to everyone who donated! Together, we CAN make a difference!

We also thought with the hustle and bustle of this time of year, we would share a few tips to help you and yours get off to great start.
– Say cheese! Take a first day photo! Perhaps stepping on or off the bus, or with a family pet, and make it a tradition by posing the same way each year.
– See how your child measures up. Use a growth chart or the inside of a closet door and mark your child’s current height. Keep track each year. To encourage follow-up fun, grow a tree together and track how much it grows each fall.
– Create special moments and sneak a love note into their lunch box to show you are thinking of him/her. If packing their lunch, cut their sandwich into shapes with different cookie cutters.
– At dinner or bedtime ask them about one special thing that happened during the day .
– Try to lay out an outfit the night before and have the backpack ready to go (Forms signed, etc.)

If you have any other tips you’d like to share, please comment below…we would love to see your ideas!

Here’s wishing each of you a wonderful new school year, and always remember to stay active and healthy! We are always here for you!

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