8 Trainer Tips That Will Help You Lose Weight

8 Trainer Tips That Will Help You Lose Weight

 If you are unhappy with the way you look, you may be surprised that even with all the workouts you get in, exercise and eating clean go hand in  hand.  Without doing one without the other, you may as well hang up the towel now!  We all have developed some habits that we don’t even realize may be halting  our weight loss, and our Transformation Coaches at Get Fit Now Fitness Studio wanted to go  over some of these habits that may be the reasons you are not achieving your goals.  Cutting these 8 habits WILL help you lose weight!

1. You’re skipping meals.

People tend to believe that if they eat less during the day they will lose weight.  However, this is not true! Your body actually will think you are going into starvation mode and try to salvage all the nutrients and fats from the little bit of food you are eating.  Skipping breakfast, especially, is the worst thing to do….that is the most important meal of the day and kick starts your metabolism.  It will also cause you to most likely eat more during the day.


2.  You’re too stressed.

Stress affects your metabolism.  This provokes your body and your mind to crave more food, which leads to you eating more.  Rather than eating, relieve stress by other means….go for a walk around the block, play some of your favorite music, call a friend, take a relaxing bubblebath…anything other than eating.


3.  You eat too fast.

Eating too fast can cause problems for many people.  You’ve probably heard the old saying that you must chew your food 30-40 times before swallowing, and its been proven that it is true.  It takes roughly 30 minutes for your body to digest food so that you know you are full.  So take time eating, and this will result in consuming less food, which in turn would help with your weight loss goals.


4.  Too much caffeine.

Consuming too much caffeine (I’m sure many of us are guilty as charged!) could increase the stress hormones in your body, known as cortisol.  This hormone can make you crave foods that are high in fat and sugar.  AND that in turn will of course make you gain weight!  Be careful when consuming caffeine since it does more than just keep you up.


5.  You stay up too late.

Staying up late causes a hormone imbalance in your body called leptin and ghrelin.  Leptin is responsible for sending signals to the brain to remind your body that you’re full, and ghrelin stimulates hunger.  When you are sleep deprived, these hormones are get out of whack and may cause you raid the fridge at midnight, which is one reason you are not losing weight.  Aim for a minimum of 7 hours of sleep each night.


6.  You eat too many processed foods.

Those extra pounds could be a result of you eating too many processed foods.  These foods have very high content of sugar and fats, which is detrimental in losing weight!  Things like cookies, chips, frozen foods, even healthy looking muffins, are all contributed to gaining weight.  Ditch the processed foods and you will see a difference, we promise!

bag of chips

7.  You’re not drinking enough water.

This is a very important tip….Most people do not pay attention to their bodies most basic needs.  They tend to fill up on beverages that are not healthy (even diet soda is known to keep weight on with all the chemicals that they are filled with).  Drinking 1/2 your weight in ounces will assure you of getting enough of H2O by speeding up your metabolism.  It also leaves less room in your belly for excess food.  Water also reduces the risk of heart attack, headaches, and helps detoxify your body.  Remember to drink your water… add lemon and mint as added flavor and to help detoxify your body!


8.  Shopping in the center aisles of the grocery store.

The center aisles most likely always contain all the processed foods and drinks you have come to enjoy over the years.  Don’t shop these aisles and you will notice all the healthier options are always on the outside aisles!

grocery cart

We hope these 8 simple tips will help you start implementing a healthier lifestyle, and in return, get you to the goals you are trying to achieve.

On one final note, we’d like to ask you this. . . did you ever realize how much your body loves you?  It’s always trying to keep you alive.  It’s making sure you breathe while you sleep, stopping cuts from bleeding, fixing broken bones, finding ways to beat the illnesses that might get you.  Your body literally loves you so much.  It’s time you start loving it back!

Committed to your  success,

The GetFitNow Team








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