7 Calorie Burning Fall Date Night Ideas :)

7 Calorie Burning Fall Date Night Ideas :)

Below are 7 fun ideas for date night to get you and your sweetheart out of the house and burning some calories.

The couple that sweats together, stays together! (We are living proof!)

Indoor Rock Climbing – Many indoor rock climbing gyms have programs for beginners and experienced climbers. Do a quick Google search for gyms in your area and you will soon discover that you can take a class for a couple hours on a Friday or Saturday night that will have you scaling the walls in no time! It’s a great trust exercise for you and your partner as well!

Putt Putt or Mini Golf – Want to show off those mad putting skills? Try your best at the twists and turns, windmills and crazy alligator obstacles at your local Putt Putt or Mini Golf hot spot.


Salsa or Swing Dance Classes – Wish you could bust a move on the dance floor? Who better than to shake your groove thing with than your favorite person! Find a dance studio in your area and start mastering those moves!

Hike (and a Picnic!) – Definitely do this before dark for safety reasons, but get to know your partner in the great outdoors! Find a nice park with walking trails or head up to the mountains. A clean picnic + a camera = one pretty spectacular date! You can even take your puppy on this date!


Laser Tag/Paint Ball – Have you been married for a while? Remember when your spouse used to chase after you when you were dating? This will feel like old times! Make ’em chase you – shoot back though and kick some butt! Watch out for the paint balls though – those things HURT!

Canoeing –  You can rent a 2 person canoe or kayak for around $30.00 for the day. Pack healthy snacks and enjoy a peaceful day on the river. 


Go Visit a Corn Maze – There are several corn mazes that are just a short drive from Atlanta. We ditched the map and decided to find our way out the old fashioned way 🙂 It took around 2 1/2 hours and we ended up burning over 500 calories without even realizing it. 


When we finally made it out of the Maze Dustin had to make sure the goats weren’t hungry 😉


Planning a date night at the house? There are tons of fun things you can do to get up and get moving! Have an Xbox Kinnect or a Wii? Challenge your partner to a dance off with Dance Central! Not so much your speed? What about Wii Sports? 10 minutes of boxing and your arms will be screaming!

Budget Tip: Many of these ideas can be found for really good prices! Check your daily deal sites like Groupon, Sweet Jack, Living Social (especially Living Social Adventures)!

What else do you all do on an active date night?  Tell us about how you and your significant other sweat it out!

Happy Date Night!
Emily & Dustin

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