5 Barbeque Survival Tips

5 Barbeque Survival Tips

It’s hard to believe that Labor Day weekend is here – where did the summer go?!  For many of us, it’s a three day weekend and that means a lot of us will be firing up the barbeque.  Friends and family will gather and food will be abundant.  This does not mean your diet has to fall by the wayside.  Just follow these five tips from the Get Fit Now transformation coaches for barbeque survival so that you will know how to navigate all of the BBQ foods and drinks that you will be exposed to.  Smart planning will be your best friend come Tuesday morning!

Limit the extras.  Condiments like ketchup and mustard are fine, but that coleslaw or potato salad may not be!  Be smart about your choices, and if you indulge in something that’s not that healthy, remember portion control.


Focus on the fruit and veggies.  Try “vegging” out!  Choose tomatoes, pickles, onions, peppers  (which are all great grilled, by the way!)  Enjoy fresh fruit – its refreshing and tasty!

heatlhy fruit and cheese

Hydrate.  This is a no brainer, but sometimes you may opt for the sugary drinks, like soda or sweet tea, and alcohol (which can actually make you thirstier and hungrier!)  Water is the key…it will help you stay full, quenched and properly hydrated.  Try adding some fresh berries and mint to enhance the flavor!


Stay active.  As tempting as it is to sit in a lawn chair and soak up the sun, your best bet is to keep moving, even its just a little bit, such as standing up to chat or walking around, because being sedentary minimizes the amount of burning off all that you’ve been eating.

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Bring your own food.  Perhaps if you know you will be going to a party or bbq that isn’t very health conscious, bring lower-fat versions of your favorite BBQ staples like turkey burgers, or chicken.  This will help you remain in control of your weight loss goals.

Remember, it’s Labor Day weekend.  It’s time to remember loved ones and honor all who are dear in your lives. While you’re at it, remember why you go to barbeques in the first place – it’s about who you’re with, not how much you eat!

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