11 Weight Loss Tips for Crazy Busy Women

11 Weight Loss Tips for Crazy Busy Women

Maybe you’re up at all hours taking care of a new baby. Or maybe you’re stuck working regular 10 hour days. Or maybe you don’t have the luxury of taking a real lunch break. We get it, life these days is always crazy busy. And when you’re exhausted, stressed out and under a time crunch your weight loss game plan is the first thing to go out the window. Take a deep breath and relax. We’ve come up with some brilliantly easy ways to stick to your diet and to make sure you’re getting your workouts in throughout the week 🙂

1. De-Junk Your Kitchen

Go through our pantry and fridge and throw away any temptation food that might be lurking. We only keep healthy snacks on hand so when we have the occasional late night craving we’re not tempted to go into the kitchen and eat a bunch of junk food 😉


2. Set realistic goals

Set 3 small goals each week that you can accomplish. For example
Goal #1: Drink 1 gallon of water a day
Goal #2: Do 20 minutes of cardio 6 days a week
Goal #3 Lose 1 pound

Setting goals that you can accomplish each week will help you stay motivated.

3. Schedule your workouts

You can either use your planner or set an alarm on your phone. I typically sit down on Sunday afternoon and spend some time scheduling my workouts for the week. Seeing your week laid out with plenty of time for exercise will help you stick to a plan.

4. Meal Prep

Every Sunday afternoon we go grocery shopping and then head straight home to meal prep for the next 5 days. Meal prep takes a couple hours but it’s a life saver during the week. We go ahead and cook our breakfast, lunch and dinner and put the meals in individual Tupperware. That way we just have to grab our Tupperware in the morning and run out the door.

5. Don’t rely on sugar and caffeine


Having a cup of coffee in the morning is one thing. But when we’re stressed and time-pressed, we tend to turn to stimulants like coffee and sugary treats for an energy surge throughout the day. After the initial jolt, however, both of these wear off and can leave you more tired—and with big cravings.

6. Keep healthy snacks in your purse

I typically keep a quest bar and a pack of unsalted nuts in my purse at all times. That way I’m not tempted to stop or fast food and I don’t have to skip a meal if I’m out and about.

7. Find an exercise buddy

Find a partner to hit the gym with regularly. You’re less likely to ditch the gym if you know someone is expecting to meet you there. It’s a great accountability system and working out with a buddy can make your sweat sessions more enjoyable.

8. Learn to prepare a few easy to go meals.

It’s a great idea to have a couple go to recipes that take almost no time to prepare so when you come home from a long day exhausted and starving your less likely to use it as an excuse to pick up take out. Then make sure you keep the ingredients in your kitchen.

9. Keep your gym gear by the front door.

Keep your tennis shoes, water bottle, protein shaker cup with a scoop of whey protein and whatever else you need for your workouts by your front door. That way you can just grab your bag in the morning on your way out of the door.

Check out my favorite gym bag essentials…


10. Lay out your workout clothes for the week on Sunday night.


This can be a tedious task but if you have to get out of the door early in the morning it can be a lifesaver. Lay out everything including your socks and sports bra. That way in the morning you can either throw on your clothes or toss them in your gym bag if you’re working out in the evening.

11. Use delays to your advantage.

Stuck at the airport waiting for your flight? Get moving.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 6.11.51 AM

Some ideas include:
* Power walking around the airport wearing your backpack. (You can easily rack up a mile or two walking from one end to the other and back again.)
* If you’re at a place where you’re not too embarrassed to start doing a few dips and curls, try a mini circuit-training workout.
* Go for a brisk-paced walk, and every few minutes stop and intersperse a set of strength moves, such as squats, lunges, calf raises, triceps dips, or wall push-ups.

<3 Your Trainer Emily

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