12 Reasons Why Working Out is Beneficial to YOU

12 Reasons Why Working Out is Beneficial to YOU

Let’s face it – While you know hitting the gym is good for you, sometimes your workout motivation plateaus – or downright plummets.  Whether you are new to fitness or have been at it for years, dreaming of six-pack abs aren’t enough to power you through your workouts forever.  Sometimes you just need some great reasons why you need to work out!

We know you know the benefits of working out far outweigh not working out!  But keeping committed to a regular workout program is hard….who doesn’t try to make excuses why they can’t workout today or tomorrow or the next day?  You get the point!

Well, we are here to give you a little extra motivation to get you out of the door, and help you get into the mind-set that working out does do a body good!  Our job as the owners of Atlanta’s premiere fitness studio for women is to get you amped up to feel motivated to get up, day in and day out and get you focused on how wonderful working out is to your overall well-being – mental replenishment, confidence, and joy (not to mention the sexy, toned  physique that you will achieve) 🙂  Ready to get motivated to work out?  Here are our top reasons!

1. Mental Release.  Going for a run or going to the gym to strength train and get your cardio in works wonders when you’re feeling a little anxiety or stress.  It clears the mind and helps you focus on the here and now.  Working out is a way to be in the present moment and not waste mental energy worrying about things that need to be done.  It really does clear the brain of negativity.




2.  Your entire Body Benefits.  The quest for better health is the primary reason why people should work out. None of us should take our health for granted and working out nourishes our cells and fuels our body with the energy it needs to perform at its optimum best.




3.  It Brings You Joy.  That’s right, it floods you with good endorphins, and can literally make you giddy!  It doesn’t matter if you came in sad, tired, angry or uninspired.  When you walk away from a great workout, you are in a different state of mind.  We call it the “Joy Factor”.



4.  The “Look What I Can Do” Feeling.  The human body truly is an amazing machine.  It’s incredible what our bodies are capable of doing!  It continually challenges you,  and when you couldn’t do a push up a week ago, and now you can do 10, that’s a pretty great feeling; or when you weren’t able to do deadlifts with more weight added to the bar, and now you can add more and more weight each week, you know your body has the ability to push itself to the max and that is very fulfilling. There’s no greater sense of accomplishment than seeing the way your body reacts by becoming stronger and stronger!


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5.  The Results.  There’s nothing quite like setting a personal best.  Seeing the results of hard work in the gym keeps you coming back for more!   The feeling of empowerment you get from doing what you couldn’t do a few weeks ago is very rewarding!  After a month or so, it will feel weird NOT to go to the gym.  Trust us.  We get better by focusing on habits, by doing the work day in and day out.  Consistency really does show off what you have been working towards!




6.  Confidence Booster.  Who doesn’t love to see serious gains?  This has to make you feel great about yourself.  That’s  a huge confidence booster when you see your body changing right before your eyes!  (Are you flexing right now?  We thought so!) 😉  By setting small goals, and accomplishing them week after week, knowing you are stronger than you were a week ago feels pretty darn good!


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7.  Mental Strength.  When you work out, you flex more than just your physical muscles.  When you think you can’t keep going, and you push yourself for one more rep, there’s a radical shift in you mentality!  It makes you wonder what else you are capable of in other areas of your life.  This empowerment can translate to success outside of the gym as well.  You learn so much about yourself – your discipline, how hard you can push yourself and your capabilities when you train.  These traits tend to carry over to other areas in your life, such as your job, your family life, etc.



8.  Post-Workout Treats.  Everybody, Dustin and I included, feel that food is a motivating factor.  If we are in the middle of a tense cardio blast and feel the need for something to keep us going, we might choose a reward meal!  Sounds silly, but the thought of a burger with cheese and avocado and bacon can get me through the toughest workout!  We train hard, so we can feel guilt-free if we choose to reward ourselves with something semi-healthy, but indulgent!



9.  The Power to Inspire Others.  Sometimes, actions really do speak louder than words.  It’s a great feeling to lead by example.  Our goal as Transformation Coaches is to show that small changes add up to big changes over time.  When you’re hitting up a class at Get Fit Now Fitness Studio, we notice that you got to the gym ready to work out and we know our job is working!  Everyone of us benefits!  We are who we surround ourselves with.  We know our members look up to us and watch what we do.  We want to inspire others to get to their very best version of themselves, and it inspires YOU to work hard as well!  This in turn will inspire your kids, colleagues and friends, when they see your fitness habits really make a difference in your overall well being!  It really does have a positive impact on all those around you.




10.  The Connections.  Working out isn’t just about the exercise.  It’s also about the company you keep.  Working out in a community of similar people gives you a feeling of belonging to something special.  Our members become friends with each other, even outside of the workouts and that makes us really happy to see!


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11.  Anti-aging Effect.  Working out can make you feel younger than your real age. Research has proven that staying fit does help improve bone density as you age, as well as muscle mass.  It really does do a body good!


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12.  The ME Time.  Sometimes its not a bad thing to be selfish.  That time slot is entirely devoted to you and no one else.  When you take care of yourself, you can handle the challenges that your day throws at you.  The workout, especially before the start of the day, is a great way to clear your mind.  Sweat it out and take care of YOU before you have to take care of everything and everyone else!




So there are our top 12 reasons why you should work out and stay motivated while doing it!  Motivation is key to reaching your goals.  Having specific goals in mind can help you create a better life for yourself in every area, as we have mentioned above.  And when you feel good, it radiates from the inside out for the world to see!  Now who’s ready to go to the gym? 🙂

We offer many different programs to get you to your goals, including a do-at-home self program, if you cannot make it to our gym.  We are passionate about helping others and will work with you on the perfect plan to get you to your personal best, from working out to nutrition.  Contact us to find out more and to get started on your journey to being the best version you can be.  Life is short, you might as well be at your optimum best for it!

Committed to your fitness,

The GetFitNowTeam









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