11 Reasons Why It’s Great to Have a Workout Buddy

11 Reasons Why It's Great to Have a Workout Buddy

There are two types of people in this world: the ones who make exercising an integral part of their lives and the ones who do not.

When you commit to working out, you can be either of these types of people without it really impacting your mindset, but when you get a friend to join you on your journey to fitness, it becomes very apparent.

If you are an extremely active person, this should not be a problem to committing to a workout program.  However, if you are the latter, a workout buddy would be ideal to keep you accountable and motivated!  Having someone else to commit with will make you feel guilty if you were to cancel on your workout sessions.  And well, accountability is a really good thing!!

It’s much easier to get out of a routine than into it, so wouldn’t you want someone by your side who’s encouraging you to push yourself? Well, this is just one of the many reasons why having a workout buddy is ideal!

Here are our top reasons why it is ideal to have a Workout Buddy:

  •  The guilt trip you experience is way worse when it comes from someone else.  You can beat yourself all you want, but you will never feel guiltier for skipping a workout than when your workout buddy calls you out on it.You can rationalize letting yourself down all you want, but it’s a completely different story when it comes from someone else.
  • You always have someone to spot you.  Maybe you want to up that weight and need someone by your side to assist you.  Well, look no further because you can have that person right there beside you, encouraging you to do that extra rep…and vice versa.
  • You push each other.Whether it’s through positive or negative words of encouragement, the result is still the same. Sometimes you need that extra push to get your butt moving.
  • You respect each other’s dedication.  Not everyone can have the willpower or determination to stick to a rigorous gym schedule. The fact that you are able to commit yourself to work out together is highly motivating.
  • Your friend encourages you to get off your butt.  Sometimes you are just having a day where the last thing you want to do is exert any energy at all. Your friend is well aware of this feeling and understands the best way to fix it is by doing the exact thing you don’t want to do.
  • You can probably finagle a discount.  What gym wouldn’t want to give you some sort of price reduction? We, here at Get Fit Now Fitness Studio offer our 28 day  program for half off if you bring a friend to join with you!
  • You feel more comfortable going out in public for a coffee/smoothie or a quick run into the grocergy store after your workout.  Neither of you is self-conscious about your physical appearance after a sweaty session at the gym. You don’t care what you look like because you are both a sweaty mess! 😉
  • You’re both happier and more energetic.  This will transcend into a ton of other aspects in both of your lives. The more energetic you are, the more activities you can enjoy that occur outside the gym.
  • You always have someone new to try out that new diet with.  Trying something new, especially a diet, is so much easier when there is someone doing it with you.
  • Your music will never be dull.  Good music is essential for a good workout, so it’s great that you always have someone to share playlists with.
  • You bond over the fact that no one else understands your lifestyle.  When people yell at you for prioritizing your gym habits over social gatherings, you really question their sanity.  Wouldn’t  you rather work toward a sustainable and healthy lifestyle than a casual Tuesday Taco Night at the local Mexican joint?


And there you have it!  Can you think of any other reasons why a workout buddy is a great idea?  We would love to hear your comments!

If you don’t have a workout buddy, and need help in staying motivated and accountable, Get Fit Now Fitness Studio is here to help!  We offer many different programs in the Atlanta area, and if you are not close by, we now offer a self programming membership.  It includes:

  • Boot camp every Saturday at 8:45 am (optional)
  • Monthly programming (each week you will receive 4 workouts and a journal in excel format so you can easily print it out.  They will be strength training workouts and each workout will focus on a specific muscle group.  You can do the workouts at home or take the sheets to the gym)
  • Monthly nutrition
  • Bi-weekly weigh-ins at our fitness studio
  • Access to a monthly webinar (goal setting and to answer any questions you may have)
  • Private Facebook group for accountability
  • Get Fit Now Outings and Seminars

Let us know if you would like to join this awesome new program.  Call us at 404-782-8308 for more details and start your transformation now! We will be your work out buddy! 🙂

Committed to your success,

The GetFitNow Team



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